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Art: JORDAN GUNDERSON / COLORS: JUANCHOo / copyright: aspen comics

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The Circle is a five issue mini-series that debuted in December 2016 from Action Lab Entertainment and Lola XoXo Volume 2 is a six issue miniseries that began in July 2017 from Aspen Comics.


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  art:  mike henderson    


Written by Joshua Williamson and published by Image Comics.

Masks and Mobsters is a noir crime anthology with a rotating team of artists to showcase the standalone stories set in the fictional Golden City where the mob has started to fight back against those who would try to steal their piece of the pie.


Written and illustrated by Dan Mendoza, published by Action Lab Entertainment.

Everyone's favorite street-walking dead returns! Janey the Zombie Tramp makes a mysterious new friend and together they board an express train to more fetish, gore, cartoon grindhouse mayhem in the style that fans of the series have come to love!


Illustrated by Riley Rossmo and published by Image Comics.

Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, artist extraordinaire, Riley Rossmo joins forces with nine different writers to tell tall tales from beyond the grave!


Written by Joshua Williamson and published by Image Comics.

A group to talk about their experience of being abducted by aliens bands together to seek out answers after events come to light in the public eye that should raise and eye brow or two but no one truly believes.

Completed work

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THE DECIDERS 3, 4, & 5

Written by Jocelyn Potter and available on Comixology.

In the 23rd century, scientists are transforming gods and spiritual beings into a slave species called "Seculites". Policing the Seculites are identical twins "Devah" and "Decoda" who belong to an elite group of enforcement officers called "Deciders".

JEZEBEL 1, 2, 3, & 4

Written by Marina Albert, produced by, and available on Comixology.

Adapted from an original screenplay, follow the epic tale of Queen Jezebel's rise from reluctant queen to all-powerful sorceress - as she unleashes the gods of the underworld... in her quest for supremacy.

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