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ART: Neal Adams   COPYRIGHT: Jaron Bettis


Professional comic book lettering is what sets your project apart from the amateurs. It is an unrecognized subliminal art which guides the reader's eye across the page, highlighting the art in the appropriate places and sets the pace of the narrative. Take a look at what we can do for you.



ART: Jamilyn K. Parks

copyright (TOP): Glen Wilson

COPYRIGHT (MIDDLE): Justus International



Logos make an important first impression with the intended audience of your project. They provide a feeling of what to expect and give off a vibe that should coincide with the genre your story. More than just for your comic book cover but can be used for a variety of merchandising as well. Let us help you define your brand.


Creating a comic book has many steps that are unknown to the casual reader. Having an idea is just the first step of many that we can help you out with. If you need help with just one aspect of your project or all, please follow the link to a complete list of all the services we can provide for your project.

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